Summer is almost here and I’m so exited! This year my family is going to Cedar Point, possibly twice! My favorite ride is The Maveric, because it has so many twists and turns. I just love riding it with my older brother Jason! The Top Thrill Dragster is 420 feet tall, and reaches to amazing speeds like 120 miles per hour! The ride only lasts about 20 seconds so you have to make the most of it. The lines for the Top Thrill Dragster are crazy long and it breaks down a lot like the Maveric does. Sometimes the lines can take up to two hours till you get on! The Blue Streak is fun too, because when I was younger, when I would go on I always lifted off the seats! I always have fun at Cedar Point. Cedar Point is in Ohio, and has some fun stuff to do, so I would go any day I could!

The Easter Bunny!

  Have you ever wondered where did the Easter Bunny come from? Well, if you keep reading you will learn more about just that. Even though the Easter Bunny is involved with very little religious history of Easter, it has some very mythological roots. The Easter Bunny is a sign of fertility and Spring renewal. The Easter Bunnies origins may be pagan, but he is the first mentioned in tandem with Easter is German folklore. Stemming from Ostara, the German Goddess of Spring , the Germans ” Oschter Haws ” laid a nest like basket for the good boys and girls. Thats all I’ve got for now, BYE!!

Interview With Mrs. Reagan!

Meet Mrs Reagan! She is the principal of my school. I wanted to interview her and here are some of the questions: “How long have you been the principle of Georgetown Elementary school?” Mrs Reagan said, “I have been here for 11 years, ever since Georgetown opened.”  “Why did you become a principal?” “Because I wanted to work with kids and teachers.” I asked, “Have you ever been a principal of any other school?” ” No.”  “Did you have to become a teacher before you became a principal?” She said, ” Yes I was a teacher 18 years before I became a principle.” “Out of the whole school who is your favorite student?” I wanted to know.  She said, “you.” Do you have any grandchildren?” ” Nope.”  Thats all for now, BYE!

Meet Hayley!

 Meet Hayley! I’ve known Hayley for 3 or 4 years.  Her first name is Hayley and her middle name is Grace. Hayley has 1 sister named Madyson, and her brother is Grayson. Her favorite hobbies outside of school are gymnastics, and she also likes playing with her dog. Hayley magically, has only done gymnastics for  1 year, and she can almost do a backhand spring! Which to me is pretty awesome! Something she’s done that was exciting she’s done in the last year is number 1 she went to Disney Land, and she went to Avalanche Bay! If she had 1 million dollars she would buy an Iphone, buy a beach house, donate to animal shelters, and have a few dogs. One good thing she would do for the world is make everyone stop littering. This is Hayley Grace and she is a great friend!

A Series of Unfortunate Events

This book series is called “A  Series of  Unfortunate Events” by  Lemony  Snicket. This is  my favorite book series because you always want to know what happens to the three children.  Their names are Violet, the oldest, Klaus, the middle, and Sunny, the youngest. Their parents died in a house fire, so they first got sent to live with a very bad man named Count Olaf. He gave them only one bed for the three of them to sleep in. But his secret was he was trying to steal their fortune. In the first book, he tried to marry Violet because then he could get his hands on the Baudelaire fortune. That did not turn out so well, since they had such a nice neighbor, they got to read all about laws on marriage, and stopped his evil plan. I would rate this book a billion stars, I love it!

Pokemon Sun

 Many people think that Lunala  is the best legendary Pokemon, but  I think that Solgaleo is the best legendary Pokemon because Solgaleo to me is based off of a tiger.  It has a lot of the traits of one. I also think that Solgaleo is the best legendary Pokemon because it is a fire type Pokemon, and they are pretty efective on a lot of different Pokemon,  and since it is level 55, it is probably over powered, so it’s probably hard to beat. In addition, I think that this game is a lot of fun.

You can get Pokemon Sun at Meijers.

Happy Noel

christmas-in-france-eiffel-tower In France, Christmas is called Noel. This comes from the French phrase “les bones nouvelles” , which means ” the good news ” and refers to the gospel. In southern France, some people burn a log in their homes from Christmas until New Year’s Day. This stems from an ancient tradition in which farmers would use part of the log to ensure good luck for the next year’s harvest. In France, on Christmas Eve, children leave their shoes by the fireplace to be filled with gifts from Pere Noel. In the mourning they also find that sweets, fruits, nuts, and small toys have been hung on the trees. Nearly every French home at Christmas time displays a Nativity scene, or creche, which serves as the focus for the Christmas Celebration. The creche is often peopled with little clay figures called santons or ” little saints”. In addition to the usual Holy Family, Shepherds, and Magi, the craftsman also produce figures in the form of local dignitaries. Have a happy Christmas!

Matter Is Important

images-2   There are three types of matter, solid, liquid, and gas. Matter is all around us , it’s everywhere. Matter is the air you are breathing. Matter is the device you are reading. Matter is what you see and feel. Matter is basically anything everything and every time you move you are touching matter. My favorite type of matter is water, liquid, melted ice. I love to swim in water, I don’t know why I love it so much, but I do. There is the same amount of water on earth as there was when the earth was formed. The water from your faucet could contain molecules that dinosaurs drank. Water is composed out of two elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen. 2 Hydrogen+1 Oxygen =H20.  Nearly 97% of the world’s water is salty or undrinkable. What’s your favorite type of matter? Hope you learn stuff about matter.